Get involved


Do you think roller derby is cool, but playing is not your cup of tea?
Don’t worry, you can also participate as an official.

The officials are a very important part of roller derby. They ensure the safety and fair play during the game. A Roller Derby game is accompanied by the Skating Officials (SO) and the Non-skating Officials (NSOs).

Skating Officials (SO)

You will see up to seven skating referees during a bout. The referees are divided into two Jammer Refs who are exclusively responsible for the jammers and three to five Pack Refs who must keep an eye on all the players.

Non-skating Officials (NSO)

Non-skating officials are the backbone of every official’s crew. They note points, fouls, measure time, manage the penalty box, the scoreboard, stats and much more. Since they are not on skates, it’s the quickest way to get into a roller derby game. Don’t worry if you have no experience – we’ll train you!

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