The 20 players of our B-Team the “Wallbreakers” were competing in the 1st German league (“Bundesliga) in the last season of 2019.

Previous games


23 Mar hard_1.png HARD192:114 Wallbreakersbear-city-roller-derby.png View Details
18/11/2023 Dresden Pioneers195:132 Wallbreakers
14/10/2023 Wallbreakers244:172 Stuttgart Valley Roller Derby
09/12/2023 rocKArollers135:240 Wallbreakers
23/09/2023 RuhrPott Roller Girls A241:72 Wallbreakers
23/09/2023 Wallbreakers177:220 St. Pauli Roller Derby
09/09/2023 Wallbreakers268:96 Bad Rangers Poznań
14/05/2023 Wallbreakers121:176 HARD
01/10/2022 Ragnarök165:179 Wallbreakers
01/01/2022 Wallbreakers171:177 Copenhagen
07/12/2019 Dresden Pioneers98:253 Wallbreakers
12/10/2019 Wallbreakers150:249 RuhrPott Roller Girls A
25/05/2019 Munich Dynamite176:149 Wallbreakers
07/04/2019 Stuttgart Valley Roller Derby114:198 Wallbreakers
06/04/2019 Wallbreakers133:201 St. Pauli Roller Derby
06/04/2019 Wallbreakers0:1 Riot Rollers Darmstadt
24/11/2018 Stuttgart Valley Roller Derby211:139 Wallbreakers
10/11/2018 Wallbreakers198:331 Dresden Pioneers
15/09/2018 St. Pauli Roller Derby191:119 Wallbreakers
04/08/2018 Wallbreakers161:187 Munich Dynamite
14/04/2018 Wallbreakers279:215 Bembel Town Rollergirls
08/04/2018 RuhrPott Roller Girls A198:113 Wallbreakers